Retail Partners


From local manufacturers to multinational retailers, Europasonic boasts a wide range of business partners. Here are just a few members of the ever growing Europasonic family.


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Founded in 1971 in South Korea, Daewoo has since established itself as a world leader in the electronics industry. Daewoo boasts an astonishing retail value of over £30 million and has production sites in over 64 countries. It then comes as no surprise that Daewoo is the third largest electronic firm in the region, only behind tech behemoths Samsung and LG. Following their extraordinary success in the electronics market, Daewoo are now using their expertise to make state of the art kitchenware. From Schott Glass kettles to bladeless fans, Daewoo brings innovation to the kitchen.





The Hairy Bikers are big hearted, down-to-earth cooks who love good food. Having cooked together for more than twenty years, David and Si have a plethora of experience in the industry; travelling the world in pursuit of the very tastiest dishes. Put simply, these two know what makes a good meal. David and Si have successfully combined style and substance to create a range of products that are a great addition to any kitchen. From pie makers to healthy grills, these two have it all.






Provincial Incandescent Fittings Co, or PIFCO, is an electricals company that provides lighting solutions to millions of satisfied customers. In many aspects of life true quality is best measured by the test of time. Businesses come and go, shining brightly but too often briefly. The same cannot be said for this industry leader. PIFCO was founded in Manchester in 1900. Since then, this innovative company has established itself as a household name, bringing light to UK homes for over 100 years. As a business with local roots, Europasonic takes great pride in our partnership with one of the UK’s most trusted brands.




Are you a professional chef? Or do you just love cooking as a hobby? Whatever your level, Prochef products are expertly designed to enhance your cooking experience. The Prochef range is full of wonderful surprises, offering professional standard products at affordable prices.The full range is one of our biggest sellers in Housewares. Our selection consists of Cake Tins, Muffin Tins, Roasting Tins, Pizza Trays and many more. We even give a five year guarantee on all of our products under Everyday Baking.Enjoy fine dining in the comfort of your own home with Prochef.